Neighbors to Nations


Many neighbors don’t know the love of Jesus. It is just a religion for them. We as a body of Christ have a responsibility to reach our neighbors with the love of Jesus.

The citizens of this land need help in various areas of their lives. There are many government programs are for the citizens but still, there is brokenness in their lives and the suicide rate is much higher than ever before.

It’s exciting to see many immigrants from different nations are in our neighborhood. The first generation immigrants feel lonely, trying to learn many things like driving, knowing the laws of the nation, adopting the culture, adjusting to the weather, health issues, language barrier, how to raise their kids, domestic violence and many other pressures. Different age group like students and families go through different challenges. There is huge gap & struggle between first and second generation immigrants in their relationships.

We reach out to people with love and care, by helping them tutoring, giving away cars, furniture, feeding, medical clinics, supporting them emotionally & Spiritually. We train parents and youth and children to be in unity and build their lives on the Word of God & love of God.


Many parts of the world are now growing economically but there are people who are still suffering without minimum needs & also don’t know about Jesus Christ. We help HIV/AIDs children, women, orphanages, feeding the poor, medical help. We encourage sex workers to start their own business by small-scale business like making candles, cleaning lotions and tailoring and beautician courses, catering food, so that they can have their income & live a good and healthy lifestyle. We share Gospel and train people to disciple others in the fullness of God.